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As owners of a mutt of questionable pedigree ourselves we are delighted to welcome responsible pet owners to Lombard, however, as not all our guests will have the same love for our four-legged friends we do ask that you follow a few simple house rules:

  • Orchard Yurt is the unit that can accommodate one dog and has easy access to the meadow and woods where dogs are free to enjoy themselves under supervision.

  • When not in the meadow or woods we ask that dogs are kept on the lead or controlled to ensure that they stay within your private garden area

  • Please clean up after your dog (bag it and bin it) as nobody likes a soggy surprise when wandering around the Farm.

  • If you are going out for the day, there are many beaches and places that allow dogs to go with you.  Please do not leave them alone here tied up as that can cause a wide range of problems for all – guests and Lombard Family.

  • Sadly, not every dog will get on with others, so please be mindful of other guests and pets.

  • Dogs are not allowed in the Hot Tub!

We ask £25 for each visit with dogs

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